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A rather unfortunate bug… But aren’t they all?

The other day I was testing various charting components, including XCeed, Nevron and DevExpress. All components really looked nice in regards to API, Layout and Look N Feel.
I have run several tests on all three components, and have a hard time deciding which one to choose for our project (if any of the three).

Today I hit a strange behaviour with the DevExpress trial installation. While I was adding a class in VS2010, by right clicking and choosing ‘add class’ I got a lot more than just a class.
In fact the DevExpress trial package deemed it necessary to add a reference to every DevExpress library in the current project, see image:

DevExpress Issue 1

The fact that the project is a businesslayer makes matters worse…
I think DevExpress has some fixing to do 🙂

This seems to have been caused by what I call a “Monday Computer”.
I havent been able to reproduce the bug, except for the day it occurred.
DevExpress has been very willing to help and very alert, through especially Mehul Harry and Seth Juarez